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Are you confused by this website? Do you want to know how to do something? Then this is the page for you!

What is this? What's going on?

This website is a wiki, a website whose content can be edited by any registered user. HRSFANS offers this wiki as a place for HRSFAns to share and enjoy information about what we're up to, including but certainly not limited to Board activity.

Why can't I get to any other pages?

To prevent Google and other search engines from indexing the site, we require users to create an account in order to view and edit pages.

How do I add or edit pages?

This wiki is run by the same software on which Wikipedia is based. As such, you can find instructions on Wikipedia. The instructions will tell you the technical details of how to add/edit pages. But before you do so, please be sure to read the...

Eight Commandments of the HRSFANS Wiki

The great Wiki Administrators hath handed down these eight commandments, and thou art encouraged to follow them. In times to come, the Wiki Administrators may handeth down more commandments.

Thou Shalt not Create Duplicate Pages
Before creating a page, you should make sure that a similar page does not already exist. If you accidentally create a page with the wrong name or something, move the page rather than creating a new one. That said, however...
Thou Shalt Try to Avoid Redirects
When you move a page, you actually create a new page, and create a redirect from the old page to the new one. Sometimes this can't be helped, but try to avoid creating gratuitous redirects. If you want the link to have a name that is different from the name of the page to which you are linking, simply follow the instructions found here, rather than creating a new page and having it redirect.
Thou Shalt Make Use of Spaces
As it turns out, you are allowed to put spaces in the names of your pages. There is no reason to create a page called "MyGreatPage"; you can just create one called "My Great Page".
Thou Shalt not Create Orphaned Pages
Make sure that there is always another page that links to the page that you are creating
Thou Shalt not Create Uncategorized Pages
Every page should have at least one category. A list of categories can be found here.
Thou Shalt not Create New Categories Lightly
If you feel the need to create a new category, please carefully consider whether it might be covered by an existing category, and whether your proposed category will ever contain more than one page.
Thou Shalt Explain thy Major Edits
If you make a massive change to a page, please explain what you have done and why in the "Edit Summary" box
Thou Shalt Follow Specific Guidelines, Should they Exist
There are guidelines for certain kinds of pages and edits, such as history pages (there may also be some for RPG campaigns in the near future). Please read and follow these guidelines

What Now?

Have fun! Browse the existing pages on HRSFANS or start writing your own! Feel free to update and correct things that you find—one of the great things about a wiki is that it saves the history, so there's no danger of you deleting something permanently. If someone else thinks it should be there, they can just add it back. You are very much encouraged to make improvements.

Tech support

If you need further assistance with anything, please contact one of the wiki administrators through the admin's talk page: